NODA Nominations 2017

Legally Blonde

Most entertaining / comedy actor – female – Jane Catterall as Paulette
Best male actor in a leading role – Musical – Christian Brabin
Best female actor in a leading role- Musical -Beth Eccleshare
Best Musical Director – James Eccleshare
Best Artistic Director- Lily Blundell and Liz Blundell
Best Musical

Dick Whittington (Pantomime)

Best Comedy Performance. – Dax Owen as Idle Jack
Best Comedy Duo – David Greenfield as Captain Cuttlefish and Leanne Romney as Scupper
Best choreographer – Lorraine Robinson
Best Director – Graham Cohen
Best Pantomime

Bugsy Malone (Youth)

Best Female actor in a supporting role- Lizzie Worrall-Kaye as Tallulah
Best Male Actor in a Lead Role – Ben Timberlake as Bugsy Malone
Best Female Actor in a Lead Role- Yzzy Heyes as Blousy Brown
Best Musical Director -Lauren Mulholland.