Jack and the Beanstalk NODA Review

SOCIETY—St Paul’s Players

PRODUCTION- Jack and the Beanstalk

Review by—Patricia Connor

Date-5th January 2017
St Paul’s Player’s production of “Jack and the Beanstalk” written by Alan P Frayne, was very much the traditional family pantomime with lovely colourful costumes excellently made scenery and lots of good singing dancing and comedy. Directed by Graham Cohen the cast included a good performance by Lizzie Worrall -Kay as Jack who also sang very well, I particularly enjoyed her duet “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked” which she sang with Jacqui Brian who made a lovely Fairy Sugardust. Dax Owen as Dame Dotty Dimple produced his usual excellent comedic performance and once again had a great rapport with the audience, he was partnered in his comedy capers by Gareth Mabon as a very good Simple Simon who also had a good rapport with the audience which is a necessity in this type of role. The baddies of the peace were the Witch Piccalilli played with a wonderful mixture of malevolence and comedy by Siobhan Edge, who was assisted very well in her evil deeds by Rancid the Rat-Catcher – Becca Hilton, the audience gave them plenty of boos when they came on stage There were also two hapless comedic bailiffs played by Kira Brookfield’ as Snatchet and David Greenfield as Scarper. Other entertaining performances included Keith Brian as King Hubert and Debbie Leyland as Queen Hyacinth who were the parents of Princess Primrose played by Emily Walsh who complimented Lizzie (Jack) nicely making a very likeable pantomime couple. But we must not forget to mention the audience’s favourite namely Buttermilk the cow- Emily Baron and Lucas Burns, Lucas also played Humphrey the King and Queen’s servant and there was also a small cameo appearance by Caroline Budge as the Harpist. The good sized chorus was made up of children of all age groups who supported the principal cast very well and performed the suitable up to date choreography by Lorraine Robinson with energy and enthusiasm and appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely, it was great to see so many children being encouraged to take part. Generally, diction and clarity of words was very good and the pace improved as the show went on.
There was a good smooth transition between scenes with good technical input and I believe the technical crew also provided the Giant’s big booming voice, well done to Stage Manager Stephen Blundell the Stage Crew, Props and Technical crew. Costumes as previously mentioned were very colourful and just right, fitting the story excellently. Musical accompaniment was by backing tracts which worked very well and were played at a good sound level.

Congratulations to Director Graham Cohen producer Jane Harrison and to all involved in bringing to the stage this enjoyable pantomime which the audience all enjoyed very much. Thank you for inviting us we had a lovely evening.