We want to thank everyone who came to the auditions on Sunday. You all worked really hard.
Some parts have yet to be cast, but the results of Sunday’s auditions are as follows:
Bugsy Malone- Ben Timberlake
Blousey Brown- Yzzy Heyes
Dandy Dan- Harry Cohen
Fat Sam- Still to be cast
Tallulah- Lizzie Worrall-Kaye
Fizzy- Joe Harrison
Leroy- Still to be cast
Knuckles- Ben Bradshaw
Fat Sam’s Gang- Rohit Saha, Owen Doherty, Ridhik Saha
Cagey Joe- Tom Fothergill
Bangles- Charlie Burke
Speaking Named Dancers- Georgia Hilton, Jessica Pilkington, Emily Walsh, Holly Walsh
Chorus- Emily Baron, Maisie Pointon, Abby Nicholls, Alice Bentham, Ellie Lewis, Ellie McKone, Niamh Hardman.

There are also 20+ further named parts. These will be allocated amongst the
Cast once rehearsals start. They may be doubled up too, with people being
given more than one part.
Wednesday rehearsal is for everyone at which point we will hand out the first rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks.
We will learn the end song in full the one song where everyone is on stage! Then we will start setting some bits of lib.
From then on people will be called to rehearsal according to the schedule

Look forward to seeing everyone!!