“The Producers”….. CAST LIST.

Principal cast for ‘The Producers’

Max Bialystock – Mike Wignall
Leo Bloom – Jack Corrigan
Ulla – Ashley Cassidy
Franz Liebkind – Chris Whitehead
Roger DeBris – Tom Townsend
Carmen Ghia – Joe Cunliffe

A huge thank you and well done to all who auditioned for principle roles. The first rehearsal is at St Paul’s Church on Tuesday, October 9th at 8pm. We look forward to seeing everyone there and to get started!

Aladdin Cast

Aladdin Audition Results:

Aladdin: Jade Smith
Wishee Washee: Gareth Mabon
Widow Twankey: Dax Owen
Princess: Gemma Knightengale
So Shy: Emily Baron
Empress: Siobhan Edge
PC Wong: Leannne Romney
PC Pong: David Greenfield
Abanazer: Ryan Norse
Spirit Of The Ring: Debbie Leyland
Genie: Harry Cohen

There are 46 dancers to compliment the cast.

Well done to all and thank you for auditioning.

First principal rehearsal is Monday 24th September @ 7:30pm.


Graham. Xx

Avenue Q Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Avenue Q this evening; the standard was exceptionally high. The cast is as follows:


Princeton-Christian Brabin 

Kate Monster-Beth Eccleshare

Rod-Jamie Fletcher

Nicky-Jack Corrigan

Trekkie Monster-Dave Moloney

Lucy-Jenny Tilley

Brian-Robin Armstrong

Bad Idea Bears- Jamie Taylor, Caitlin Keller

Mrs T-Victoria Armstrong

Gary Coleman-Katie Toole

Christmas Eve-Lily Armstrong

The first rehearsal will be Monday 28th May to start at 19:30

Thanks again for your time and effort with auditioning.


Cinderella Principal Cast

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who attended the auditions last week and this week. The first rehearsal will be on Monday 9th October, 7pm at Adlington community centre

Cinderella – Emily Jones
Prince Charming – Orlaith O’Beirne
Dandini – Becca Hilton
Buttons – Gareth Mabon
Grizelda – Dax Owen
Gertrude – Kieron Garlick
Fairy Godmother – Jacqui Brian
Leggett – Leanne Romney
Bodget – David Greenfield
Baroness – Siobhan Edge
Baron – Keith Brian
Chambers – Lucas Burns
Hagen the Horse – not yet cast

Please do not hesitate to contact Graham for more information on 07886033045


Pantomime Chorus Auditions

Panto auditions
Graham, Lorraine, Pearl and myself would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for coming today and you should all be really proud at how well you have all done. It was lovely to see some familiar faces and lovely to see some new faces We’re going to have an amazing show and St Pauls Players take great pride in the shows we put on the stage.
Georgia Hilton
Jessica Pilkington
Olivia Gillett
Sam Keenan
Ella Hodgson
Holly Walsh
Leah Kirkman
Jess Sullivan
Joe Harrison
Yzzy Heyes
Leah Ottley
Orlaith O’Beirne
Gabby Smethurst
Isabella Lowton
Dorothea Lowther
Harry Cohen
Lauren Wilson
Jessica Walker
Hannah Kirkman
May Upton
Ellie Brookfield
Zoe Cronshaw
Sienna King
Milly Cornes
Ebony-Grace Williams Goodman
Niamh Lawton
Jess Hayes
Sally Cornes
Jasmine Bailey
Katie Jones
Lilah Philpott
Niamh Buwell
Mia Haddon
Connie Upton
Eadie Gosling
Frankie Budge
Georgia Budge
Natalie Jayne Eaves
Francesca Robinson
Chloe Jones
Eleanor Ellison
Elizabeth Clewlow
Victoria Clewlow
James Clewlow
Natasha Adamson
Safiye Taycur
Ben Brooks
Amber Chatterjee
Lola Ashurst
Ellise Ashurst

I would also like to remind parents that we will be asking for £10 subscription and £10 cast contribution from each child.
Also, every year we are desperate for Chaperones this is a legal requirement and we have to by law have so many chaperones to children, anyone can apply as a chaperone with Lancashire county council you can discuss this role with me or discuss it with Sandra Rothwell, Senior Child Employment and entertainment officer on 01257 517344, but without the Chaperones unfortunately we will not be able to put the show on, plus it gives you a chance to be in the heart of the show
The next planned rehearsal is on Sunday 8th October 1:30pm at Jayem Studios Chorley
Can’t wait to see you all there
Any queries please do not hesitate to contact
Director Graham Cohen- 07886033045
Choreographer Lorraine Robinson 07739320927
Producer- Jane Harrison 07980857724

Jane Harrison 


Panto Audition Dates

For anyone wanting to be involved in our next Pantomime Cinderella, here are the dates for the auditions.

Sunday 24th September- Chorus and Dancer Auditions, 2:30pm @ Jay-Em Studios, Chorley.

Mon 25th September- Read Through @ Adlington Community Centre, 7:00pm.

Wed 27th September- Principal Auditions @ Adlington Community Centre, 7:00pm.

For more information please contact the Producer, Jane Harrison (07980 857724)

Vicar of Dibley Cast.

Here are the Auditon Results for The Vicar of Dibley.

Geraldine Granger. — Laura Roberts
Alice Tinker — Leanne Romney
David Horton– Keith Brian
Hugo Horton– Keiron Garlick 
Letitia Cropley— Siobhan Edge
Frank Pickle — Vince Taylor
Jim Trot — Andrew Turton
Owen Newitt — Paul Roberts
Children– Harry Cohen, Joe Harrison
Izzy Heyes and Georgia Hilton

Thank you to everyone who attended the auditions. The first rehearsal is Monday 15th May at the community centre.

A message from Lois Birtwistle

I would like to thank everybody for their kind messages of sympathy and support since Alan passed away on Monday.

Thank you so much for the beautiful floral display from the society.

Your support has given me the lift that I need at this very difficult time.

Alan’s funeral will be on Tuesday 11th April at St Paul’s Church (2pm).

With Love

Lois x

NODA Review- Made in Dagenham

SOCIETY- St Paul’s Players
PRODUCTION—Made in Dagenham
Review by—Patricia Connor
Date- 9th March 2017

Made in Dagenham has music written by David Arnold with lyrics by Richard Thomas and is from a book by Richard Bean, it is based on the 2010 movie of the same name, which was itself based on a true story that reshaped workers’ rights in Britain. The story follows the account of the Ford female machinists who went on strike in 1968 after their jobs were re-classified as unskilled, the strike and the women’s determination also paved the way for legislation on equal pay, this all happened at a time when the Labour party were in power during the time of Harold Wilson’s premiership. The show delivers a strong feminist message and has a number of spirited female characters, such as Rita O’Grady excellently played with strength and a great deal of purpose by Beth Eccleshare, who becomes a reluctant spokesperson for the women and takes the fight to the House of Commons accompanied by Connie the Union Shop Steward, sympathetically and nicely played by Jacqui Brian. On her visit to Parliament Rita meets Barbara Castle- Lily Blundell who produced a forthright and enjoyable characterisation, Rita also meets a very comical Prime Minister Harold Wilson -Paul Stanley who made me look at Harold Wilson in a completely different light. She also speaks to the TUC Conference where she calls for the delegates to stand up for women workers, but unfortunately all the campaigning and fighting has consequences as along the way her bemused but loyal husband Eddie O’Grady and children start to feel neglected. Dave Moloney as Eddie complemented Beth very well, they made a believable couple and his rendition of the song “The Letter” was excellently performed and very poignant. Rita is supported by a number of her friends and colleagues who were all strongly played producing a number of very different interesting characters, they were Katie Toole as Clare, Jane Catterall as Beryl, Kathy Turton as Cass, Hilary Brownson- Hardman as Sandra and Joanne Hornby as the plant bosses’ wife Lisa Hopkins. There were also good strong characters from the men in the cast who included Andrew Turton as the Union Steward Monty who was the women’s representative to the bosses, Chris Hatchman as Mr Tooley the American owner of the plant, Jamie Fletcher as the Plant Manager Mr Hopkins, with Jack Corrigan as Sid and Phil Armstrong as Bill. There were also two lovely performances from Madeleine Hornby and Joe Harrison as Rita and Eddies’ children with Myah Brookfield and Harry Cohen playing these roles on other nights. The Ensemble all worked hard with lots of energy supporting the principle cast very well producing some noteworthy characters of their own. Diction, accents and clarity of words were more than acceptable so the story could be followed easily.
The band led by Musical Director James Eccleshare played and supported the cast superbly, there position behind the scenes meant the sound was at just the right level enabling the audience to hear the singers. The lively choreography by Lily Blundell was just right for the production adding to the performance and was executed by the cast well, also well done to Dance Captain Emily Burnside.
The set gave the impression that lots of car parts were hung around the stage and was very innovative and effective it reminded me of a Maccano set, well done to the set builders, stage crew and technical crew for doing an excellent job. Costumes were also spot on for the period, a great deal of thought must have gone into getting them just right, they also added to the feel of the production.
This was and energetic, fast paced, feel good production which everybody appeared to enjoy being part off. Congratulations must go to Director Steve Blundell, Producer and Choreographer Lily Blundell and Musical Director James Eccleshare and anybody involved in bringing this show to the stage as this was an outstanding production.

Made in Dagenham BATS Review

Made Up With Dagenham

Made in Dagenham
St Paul’s Players
Adlington Community Centre, Railway Road, Adlington, 6th to 11th March 2017

This lively, energetic musical scores on every level, with the enthusiasm of the talented cast shining through from start to finish.
Director Steve Blundell has created a masterpiece of entertainment with humour, pathos and great songs peppered throughout the show. Musical Director James Eccleshare hits the right note with wonderful numbers performed by excellent musicians, and Lily Blundell’s choreography is superb.
Principal leads Beth Eccleshare and Dave Moloney excel as Rita and Eddie O’Grady with fantastic support from Jacqui Brian, Katie Toole, Jane Catterall, Kathy Turton and Hilary Brownson-Hardman as Rita’s factory mates. Strong characterisations by Andrew Turton, Jamie Fletcher, Joanne Hornby, Chris Hatchman, Lily Blundell , Phil Armstrong, Jack Corrigan and Paul Stanley (as Harold Wilson!) add pleasurably to the mix, and Madeleine Hornby and Joe Harrison are delightful as the O’Grady children.
The ensemble complete this delicious cocktail of talent, taking on various roles in the production with aplomb.
Stage Manager Tony Henry and his team keep the pace fast-moving with a wonderful array of scenes from the “airfix grey” factory (complete with detachable pieces and a convincing production line chain) to Big Ben itself for the Westminster scenes – very well done indeed.
Peter Haslam

NODA Nominations 2017

Legally Blonde

Most entertaining / comedy actor – female – Jane Catterall as Paulette
Best male actor in a leading role – Musical – Christian Brabin
Best female actor in a leading role- Musical -Beth Eccleshare
Best Musical Director – James Eccleshare
Best Artistic Director- Lily Blundell and Liz Blundell
Best Musical

Dick Whittington (Pantomime)

Best Comedy Performance. – Dax Owen as Idle Jack
Best Comedy Duo – David Greenfield as Captain Cuttlefish and Leanne Romney as Scupper
Best choreographer – Lorraine Robinson
Best Director – Graham Cohen
Best Pantomime

Bugsy Malone (Youth)

Best Female actor in a supporting role- Lizzie Worrall-Kaye as Tallulah
Best Male Actor in a Lead Role – Ben Timberlake as Bugsy Malone
Best Female Actor in a Lead Role- Yzzy Heyes as Blousy Brown
Best Musical Director -Lauren Mulholland.

Jack and the Beanstalk NODA Review

SOCIETY—St Paul’s Players

PRODUCTION- Jack and the Beanstalk

Review by—Patricia Connor

Date-5th January 2017
St Paul’s Player’s production of “Jack and the Beanstalk” written by Alan P Frayne, was very much the traditional family pantomime with lovely colourful costumes excellently made scenery and lots of good singing dancing and comedy. Directed by Graham Cohen the cast included a good performance by Lizzie Worrall -Kay as Jack who also sang very well, I particularly enjoyed her duet “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked” which she sang with Jacqui Brian who made a lovely Fairy Sugardust. Dax Owen as Dame Dotty Dimple produced his usual excellent comedic performance and once again had a great rapport with the audience, he was partnered in his comedy capers by Gareth Mabon as a very good Simple Simon who also had a good rapport with the audience which is a necessity in this type of role. The baddies of the peace were the Witch Piccalilli played with a wonderful mixture of malevolence and comedy by Siobhan Edge, who was assisted very well in her evil deeds by Rancid the Rat-Catcher – Becca Hilton, the audience gave them plenty of boos when they came on stage There were also two hapless comedic bailiffs played by Kira Brookfield’ as Snatchet and David Greenfield as Scarper. Other entertaining performances included Keith Brian as King Hubert and Debbie Leyland as Queen Hyacinth who were the parents of Princess Primrose played by Emily Walsh who complimented Lizzie (Jack) nicely making a very likeable pantomime couple. But we must not forget to mention the audience’s favourite namely Buttermilk the cow- Emily Baron and Lucas Burns, Lucas also played Humphrey the King and Queen’s servant and there was also a small cameo appearance by Caroline Budge as the Harpist. The good sized chorus was made up of children of all age groups who supported the principal cast very well and performed the suitable up to date choreography by Lorraine Robinson with energy and enthusiasm and appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely, it was great to see so many children being encouraged to take part. Generally, diction and clarity of words was very good and the pace improved as the show went on.
There was a good smooth transition between scenes with good technical input and I believe the technical crew also provided the Giant’s big booming voice, well done to Stage Manager Stephen Blundell the Stage Crew, Props and Technical crew. Costumes as previously mentioned were very colourful and just right, fitting the story excellently. Musical accompaniment was by backing tracts which worked very well and were played at a good sound level.

Congratulations to Director Graham Cohen producer Jane Harrison and to all involved in bringing to the stage this enjoyable pantomime which the audience all enjoyed very much. Thank you for inviting us we had a lovely evening.

Made in Dagenham Cast List

Hi Everyone.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to audition. We were blow away by your talent and are so excited to get working with you all.

The Cast List is as follows;

Rita O’Grady- Beth Eccleshare

Eddie O’Grady- Dave Moloney

Barbara Castle- Liz Blundell

Harold Wilson- Paul Stanley

Connie- Jacqui Brian

Monty- Andrew Turton

Mr Hopkins- Jamie Fletcher

Lisa Hopkins- Joanne Hornby

Mr Tooley- TBC

Clare- Katie Toole

Beryl- Jane Catterall

Cass- Kathy Turton

Sandra- Hilary Brownson-Hardman

Jo- Becca Hilton

Emma- Emily Baron

Sid- Jack Corrigan

Bill- Phil Armstrong

On Thursday we will be reading through the script and giving out all the other roles to ensemble members that aren’t listed above. We’ll see you all then.

Please contact Steve, James or Lily if you have any questions.

Jack & the Beanstalk Dancer Auditions


Hi Everyone.
Graham, Lorraine, Jane & Judith would like to say well done to everyone that came today.
The Groups are below, it just makes it easier for rehearsing, Lorraine will not always need all the groups at each rehearsal on a Sunday but she’ll let you know on her rehearsal schedule.
The dates of the panto are:
Jan 31st- Matinee 1:00pm
Monday 2nd Matinee 2:00pm
Thursday 5th Evening 7:30pm
Friday 6th Evening 7:30pm
Saturday 7th Matinee 2:00pm & Evening 7:30pm
Week commencing 18th December all children will be required but nearer the time Graham will put out a rehearsal schedule.
Leah Ottley
Dotty Lowther
Jess Sullivan
Eleanor Quin
Olivia Gillett
Hannah Kirkman
Sam Keenan
Joe Harrison
Harry Cohen
Ben Timberlake
Holly Walsh
Maisie Pointon
Yzzy Heyes
Georgia Hilton
Jess Pilkington
Harriet Quin
Jasmine Bailey
Sienna King
Elizabeth Quin
Sally Cornes
Jess Hayes
Milly Cornes
Katie Jones
Leah Kirkman
Millie Wells
Lauren Wilson
Ebony Williams
Cai Jones
Georgia Budge
Frankie Budge
Chloe Jones
Ben Brooks
Natalie Eaves
Connie Upton
Layla Wilson
Mia Haddon
Edward Hesketh
Lily Fairhurst
Natasha Adamson
May Upton
Ellie Brookfield
Ella Whittaker
Jess Walker
Ellie McKone
Again well done and see you all on Sunday 2nd October 1:00pm at Jayem Studio

Panto Cast Announcement.

Good Evening Everyone.

Many Thanks to all those who attended the auditions yesterday. Again, this has been an extremely hard decision.

Cast List:

Jack – Lizzy Worrell Kay
Princess – Emily Walsh
Dame Dotty – Dax Owen
Silly Sally – Leanne Downs
Piccalilli – Siobhan Edge
Fairy – Jacqui Brian
Snatchet – David Greenfield
Scarper – Kira Brookefield
Queen – Deb Leyland
King- Keith Brian
Rancid – Becca Hilton
Harpist – Caroline Budge.

Congratulations Everyone! If anyone has any questions, please contact Graham Cohen.

Panto Time- Jack & the Beanstalk

Hi folk panto time again this year we’re treading the boards with Jack and the Beanstalk a good family favorite.
The performance dates are:
Sat 31st New Years Eve-mat,
Mon 2nd – mat, Thurs 5th – eve,
Fri 6th – eve,
Sat 7th – mat & eve.

First gathering & read through Mon 19th September 7:30pm @ Adlington community centre

Wed 21st Sept principle auditions 7:30 @ community centre

Sun 25th Sept dance/chorus auditions 2:00pm this will be held at either the community centre or Jayem dance studio chorley

Contact details
Director Graham Cohen 07886033045
Choreographer Lorraine Robinson
Producer Jane Harrison 07980857724



We want to thank everyone who came to the auditions on Sunday. You all worked really hard.
Some parts have yet to be cast, but the results of Sunday’s auditions are as follows:
Bugsy Malone- Ben Timberlake
Blousey Brown- Yzzy Heyes
Dandy Dan- Harry Cohen
Fat Sam- Still to be cast
Tallulah- Lizzie Worrall-Kaye
Fizzy- Joe Harrison
Leroy- Still to be cast
Knuckles- Ben Bradshaw
Fat Sam’s Gang- Rohit Saha, Owen Doherty, Ridhik Saha
Cagey Joe- Tom Fothergill
Bangles- Charlie Burke
Speaking Named Dancers- Georgia Hilton, Jessica Pilkington, Emily Walsh, Holly Walsh
Chorus- Emily Baron, Maisie Pointon, Abby Nicholls, Alice Bentham, Ellie Lewis, Ellie McKone, Niamh Hardman.

There are also 20+ further named parts. These will be allocated amongst the
Cast once rehearsals start. They may be doubled up too, with people being
given more than one part.
Wednesday rehearsal is for everyone at which point we will hand out the first rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks.
We will learn the end song in full the one song where everyone is on stage! Then we will start setting some bits of lib.
From then on people will be called to rehearsal according to the schedule

Look forward to seeing everyone!!

Bugsy Malone Audition Information

Welcome to the beginning of our next production: ‘Bugsy Malone’.

This exciting Youth Production will be staged Wednesday 7th – Saturday 10th September 2016 at Adlington Community Centre.

Bugsy Malone is a story of the Underworld of 1920’s America.

We are looking for a cast of young people in the Age Range from Secondary School upwards. However, any older auditionees must look ‘youth like’.
The whole idea is that the cast are to look like children, playing at dressing up as adults!

Wednesday 4th May 2016 7.30pm – 8.30pm at Adlington Community Centre
Welcome Meeting – Meet the Production Team, get a feel for the story, the music & the parts.
Register interest in joining the cast.
Receive Audition Parts.

Sunday 8th May 2016 2.30pm – 4.00 pm at Jay-Em Studios Chorley
Read & Sing through

Wednesday 11th May 2016 7.30pm – 9.00pm at Adlington Community Centre
Read & Sing through for any potential principals – to go through Audition Songs

Sunday 15th May 2016 2.30pm onwards

The Story Of Bugsy Malone
Set in 1929 in New York, Dandy Dan’s hoodlums terrorise the district, exterminating the undesirables with their new weapons – the ‘Splurge Guns’.
Dandy Dan’s rival is Fat Sam Stacetto, who runs the Grand Slam Speakeasy, but Fat Sam’s gang still use old fashioned custard pies! Fat Sam engages the help of Bugsy Malone, a smooth city slicker, who hitherto has been more occupied in sweet talking Blousey Brown, a would be girl singer.
With Bugsy’s help, Fat Sam endeavours to take on Dandy Dan’s crew, whilst Bugsy’s relationship with Blousey Brown endures its ups and downs.
The show’s finale in Fat Sam’s Grand Slam erupts into a full out splurge fight, where, of course, good overcomes evil! ….and finally, Bugsy gets his girl!


Legally Blonde NODA Review

Legally Blonde
St Paul’s Players
Produced and Directed by Liz Blundell and Lily Blundell
Musical Director James Eccleshare

I have heard in the past mixed reviews about the musical”Legally Blonde “so I had some reservations when invited to go and see Saint Paul’s Players production, however I need not have worried as I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Produced and directed by the talented mother and daughter team of Liz and Lily Blundell this production was full of life and energy with good singing and acting, the pace was fast and the audience were swept along with the story, which centers on Elle Woods a popular UCLA sorority girl from Malibu California who usually gets everything she wants, but unfortunately she has now been let down by Warner the man whom she expected to marry just because she is too blonde and will not make a sensible wife for a promising Lawyer. He leaves her to enroll at Harvard Law School, so Elle decides to follow him and attend the same school, hoping to change his mind and win him back, but things do not go as expected as she realises that she will have to work and study hard, not only to win Warner back but to keep up with her fellow students and show everyone what she can do.
With all the cast working hard as a team with no weak links there were some great performances in this show which included a strong outstanding central performance from Beth Eccleshare in the important role of, Elle Woods, her characterisation was spot-on and she owned the stage. She was well complimented by Christian Brabin who was excellent as the supportive Law Teaching Assistant Emmett and Elle’s love interest by the end of the show. Jane Catterall produced a very good enjoyable comedic performance as Paulette the beautician, Elle’s friend and confident, while Jamie Flavell gave a good interpretation of the callous Professor Callaghan, head of The Harvard Law School. Jamie Taylor has a very nice singing voice, he also managed to portray the superficial character of Elle’s ex-boyfriend Warner very well and Victoria Armstrong gave a good portrayal of Warner’s serious new girlfriend Vivienne. There were other important members of the cast who gave excellent performances and supported the main principles admirably they included Rebecca Crookson (Serena), Laura Foster (Margot)Hilary Brownson -Hardman (Pilar), Hannah Docherty(Kate), Becca Hilton (Leilani) and Nicola Hayes (Gaelen) Elle’s UCLA Sorority friends, with Naomi Bridges as Elle’s Harvard Colleague Enid and Emily Burnside as Brooke the fitness queen who Elle successfully defends in a murder trial. Lastly but definitely not least there was Phil Armstrong who gave a good comedic performance as Kyle, Paulette’s new Postman boyfriend. Two other characters who deserve a mention were the canine actors the wonderful Fifi as Bruiser and Winston as Rufus who both stole the show as soon as they came on stage. The principal cast were very well supported by the ensemble who performed with energy enthusiasm and produced some wonderful characters of their own.
Choreography was by Lily and Liz Blundell which worked very well, suited the production and was performed very well by the cast. The orchestra led by Musical Director James Eccleshare generally played very well but on some occasions they were a little loud, however overall all the cast sang and performed the musical numbers excellently and were well supported by the orchestra.
The set was basically scenery free with pink lights outlining the stage, scenes were set by the use of back projection and intelligent use of props along with very good sound and lighting which all fitted in well with this production, costumes as well as hair and makeup were spot-on and added to the atmosphere and enhanced the production.
Congratulations to Liz and Lily Blundell for an excellent enjoyable show and to all involved in bringing this production to the stage, thank you for inviting us.
Patricia Connor
District 6